Measuring Tool

Sizing is a tricky issue when buying a jumpsuit and especially online! To resolve any sizing errors we have partnered with SIZER App. Our pattern is uploaded onto the Sizer platform. By following the steps outlined below, your measurements will be sent to MySirensuit and recommend you with the best fitting suit for you. 

Please take the time to follow these instructions. Thank you



Sizer Technologies enables uniform vendors, on-line retailers and made-to-measure businesses to fit their customers with unprecedented accuracy. The Sizer patented platform encourages people not to pick garments by selecting a number, but captures a person’s body measurements with extreme accuracy, using just the front camera of any mobile device and then delivers correct size recommendations for each garment selected. With Sizer, workwear vendors experience savings on time, substantial costs, and the inconvenience of employee uniform fittings, and benefit from much more efficient & sustainable processes. 



  • Wear tight fitting clothes such as leggings, vest tops, underwear
  • Remove shoes
  • Tie long hair back
  • Ensure mobile device is placed at a 90 °angle on a flat surface and stand around 2 meters back
  • Start scan and follow the tutorial
  • Ensure you can see your body from head to toe in the frame, with your feet above the pink line
  • Complete the 360 °turn very slowly
  • After measurement is complete, ensure to enter your correct name, gender and height