The Story of MySirensuit


MySirensuit has been in development slowly behind the scenes for many years between sculpture projects and raising children. The project came from my own experience of working as an artist in various industrial environments and being continually frustrated by the lack of purpose designed workwear for women. What was generally provided were 'unisex' overalls that were ostensibly men's clothing. I have a small frame, so even size S in unisex is oversized on me. The lack of suitable clothing further gave weight to a sense of 'not fitting' in.



On searching for women's coveralls I came across the Siren Suit, a suit worn during WWII as a coverall to be thrown on when the air raid sirens went off. Although entirely practical in purpose, the Siren Suit was gender specific and had various tailored designs for women, men and children.Generally these were homemade following a pattern but Winston Churchill popularised the idea with a pinstriped siren suit designed by Chanel.



Researching the fashion of the wartime era, I found many examples of purpose designed women's uniforms. To me these images of women looking comfortable and confident within industrial spaces are inspiring as they are unusual. Working as an artist in various industrial spaces ranging from salt mines to construction sites and fabrication workshops, I would generally be the only woman. We still live with the legacy of the post war propaganda campaign that promoted women’s work as being in the home, coupled with the rise in mass production and the development of plastics that made smaller production unprofitable and obsolete.




MySirensuit was developed in consultation with many artists, women in trade, crafts people and engineers. The suit was designed in collaboration with Alla Sinkevich a talented fashion designer who had recently graduated from NCAD in Dublin.

The final garment, MySirensuit is what I want to wear in my daily work and life. As a business MySirensuit comes out of a desire for women to feel comfortable within industries that are shaping world landscapes.

I hope that you will enjoy it too!